For quite a while now customers have asked us: "When are you going to start making H&K MP5 mag pouches?" and "What pouch would best fit my Grand Power Stribog mags?" and "You guys do any pouches for the B&T APC9?"  And now they are here!  Crusader Gear has launched a line of magazine pouches designed for the most popular 9mm SMG (submachine gun) magazines.  While focused specifically on the H&K MP5 or SP5 and the Grand Power Stribog, these pouches should fit any of the most popular 9mm SMGs with magazines that are smaller than the CZ Scorpion magazines.  It also works great for GSG-5 .22LR magazines, as well as the H&K MP5-22 .22LR magazines.

So if you are a SWAT assaulter looking for top quality, highly utilitarian MOLLE magazine pouches for your SMG, a British SAS trooper about to clear an embassy, or just a normal dude/gal who likes to have high-quality gear for range day and shooting courses, these pouches will keep your spare magazines accessible, and right where you need them when the clock strikes "gun time."

Like all of our magazine pouches, these are made out of ultra-durable 1000 denier Cordura Nylon fabric and mil-spec webbing with pull tab & bungee cord retention to keep your magazines secure and easily put into action.  These pouches will last a lifetime of kicking in doors, moving and covering, and all your other tactical endeavors.  MALICE clips necessary to attach these pouches to your MOLLE tactical gear are included.


Note: magazines not included

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