Note: This pouch is now produced as a custom-ordered item only.  Please email us at: for pricing, availability, and wait times if you are interested in having us make this pouch for you.

Our CZ Scorpion EVO (and also Palmetto State Armory AK-V) 6-Magazine Pouch is for those who want to carry a lot of magazines to the field or the range.  These will fit the CZ-manufactured 30-round magazines, as well as the 35-round magazines from Magpul and Palmetto State Armory.  Customers have been asking for a higher-capacity pouch for their 9mm SMG/pistol caliber carbine, and here it is!  This mag pouch attaches to your tactical gear using the three included MALICE clips.  It is made of tough 1000 denier Cordura nylon with our standard pull-tab magazine retention.  These work great on chest rigs, plate carriers, and anywhere you want to carry a lot of spare magazines.  The velcro loop panel in front is perfect for your nameplate, blood type indicator, or your favorite morale patch.  These pouches are tough enough to last a lifetime and can be used in any terrain, in any conditions.  The drain grommets will even allow you to wear them in the rain or if your field patrol takes you through a water crossing--or if a buddy shoves you into the creek (though we'd recommend you reconsider who your friends are if they would do such a thing).

NOTE: Magazines NOT included 

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CZ Scorpion EVO 6-Mag Pouch

Seems very well constructed. Easily accommodates all large cap CZ mags (up to Magpul 35-round) but the factory 10's and 20's get a little lost in the pouches, and if not all used, the pull tabs and elastic gets in the way a little. I bought this just to organize my CZ mags inside my gun bag, but from a tactical standpoint it seems quite useful. I think my next purchase may be a single-row of four pouches, instead of this double-row of six.