Note: This pouch is now produced as a custom-ordered item only.  Please email us at: for pricing, availability, and wait times if you are interested in having us make this pouch for you.

These pouches were requested by customers who loved our original 9mm Stick Mag Pouch, but wanted to be able to carry even more magazines while saving a little space on their tactical gear.  So we used a 3-mag footprint and stacked another set of mags on top of the first to give you a pouch that holds SIX of your 9mm stick magazines. These are a fantastic way to carry a lot of magazines for pistol-caliber carbines--especially those that use Glock 32-round (or more) magazines.

This 9mm Stick Mag Pouch is designed to carry six extended-capacity Glock magazines for those of you who love your Ruger PCC, CMMG Guard or Banshee, Angstadt Arms UDP-9, or other 9mm chambered AR carbine (or if you just want to use the extra-long mags in your Glock pistol).  These pouches feature MOLLE-compatible attachment utilizing the included MALICE clips, and can be attached to any of your MOLLE tactical gear.  We used durable mil-spec materials to make these pouches last a lifetime, and to ensure they will stand up to any rugged outdoor activities.  Whether you are at the range, or doing a belly crawl through the Amazon jungle (which has got to be a miserable experience) these pouches can take it.  The shock-cord and pull tab retention ensures that your mags will stay where you need them and not bouncing on the ground somewhere (because no one likes it when their friends laugh at them for poor magazine retention). 

Available in an assortment of colors, with special order colors available (just email us), pick up a set today and get out to the range!

Note: For those using the ETS brand magazines, you will need to untie and shorten the shock cord for effective retention, as the ETS magazines are shorter than the Glock magazines.

Note: magazines not included with pouches (nice try)  ;)

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Extended mag pouch 6x

I recently purchased a Paraclete plate carrier, which has limited space for MOLLE pouches. This pouch allows room for a tourniquet or another pouch, and still secularly and comfortably fits plenty of ammo. Couldn’t find anything comparable elsewhere.