With the surge in popularity of the pistol caliber carbine--specifically those designed to be fed by Glock 32-round (or more) magazines, we believe it was time that owners of these super fun firearms had purpose-designed gear to carry their magazines.  Because, hey, no one likes having to have their Glock stick mags rattling around in a pouch designed for a WWII-era SMG (despite how cool WWII-era stuff is).

Our 9mm Stick Mag Pouch is designed to carry four extended-capacity Glock magazines for those of you who love your Ruger PCC, CMMG Guard or Banshee, Angstadt Arms UDP-9, or other 9mm chambered AR carbine.  These pouches feature MOLLE-compatible attachment utilizing the included MALICE clips, and can be attached to any of your MOLLE tactical gear.  We used durable mil-spec materials to make these pouches last a lifetime, and to ensure they will stand up to any rugged outdoor activities.  Whether you are at the range, or doing a belly crawl through the Amazon jungle (which has got to be a miserable experience) these pouches can take it.  The shock-cord and pull tab retention ensures that your mags will stay where you need them and not bouncing on the ground somewhere (because no one likes it when their friends laugh at them for poor magazine retention). 

Available in an assortment of colors, with special order colors available (just email us), pick up a set today and get out to the range!

Note: For those using the ETS brand magazines, you will need to untie and shorten the shock cord for effective retention, as the ETS magazines are shorter than the Glock magazines.

Note: magazines not included with pouches (nice try)  ;)

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Great product

Fits mags and is extremely well made. Great work.

Great job

Just what I needed to put on my vest/carrier. The only complaint is, now I need to buy two more magazines. One more for the carrier and one to put in my AR. Thanks

Mag Pouch Review

These fit my Colt SMG mags pretty well. The stretch cord is adjustable for more security and can be tucked away.

Colt SMG mags

These pouches work perfect for my Colt pattern 9mm mags. They are extremely well made as well!

Great product!

Great product! Straps are adjustable for bigger or shorter mags. Color matched my gear perfectly.

4 Mag Stick Mag Pouch...

Excellent design and well built mag pouch! If I had more space on my rig, I'd buy more!